See what our patients are saying about their dental visit....

I’ve been going to Dr. Reit for about year and half now and I’ve always really enjoyed it there. I broke a tooth last weekend and he fit me in last minute to fix it, and he gave me multiple options (and price points) for fixing my tooth. He’s always really funny and very candid about the clinical picture. If I’m vain about anything it’s my teeth, and I’ll keep coming back to him for as long has he keeps practicing.
— B. Carter
I have not been to the dentist in years, a bit scared, but had to go in an emergency recently. I was a first time patient of his and they were booked that day, but, when finding out how much discomfort I was in, made room for me. His technician was super friendly and comforting, the Doctor was also very pleasant and professional. He explained the procedure and billing in detail, and was patient enough to explain it to my mom over the phone as well. I would recommend him to just about anyone in search of a good dentist in a clean friendly environment.
— A. Rodriguez
Dr. Reit is hands down the absolute best dentist I have ever been to. He has been nothing short of fantastic in helping me with an array of different dental issues, which I had been avoiding dealing with. He is super-honest and trustworthy, and went out of his way to help me cut down on my expenses and advising me about insurance. No one likes dental work, but Dr. Reit makes it as easy and navigable as it can possibly be, and his assistants are all super nice.
— M. Irvine
Dr. Reit is the best! Before I started seeing him, my teeth were a mess. Now I look like a movie star. Not only that, but Dr. Reit is always very caring and attentive. He always follow up with a personal phone call the evening after an appointment, no matter how minor the visit was. His staff are always friendly, courteous and relaxed. A sure sign that Dr. Reit is popular and supportive to those who work with him. These are great qualities in anyone in the professional service industry. If you need a dentist, see him today!
— J. Butler
I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Reit. I discovered last year I had 2 major cavities and needed root canals and crowns! Dr. Reit worked with me trying to get as much insurance coverage as possible. He even fit me in after hours as he did not want a patient in pain. Having these procedures was a pain but Dr. Reit is a great dentist and excellent professional work. I have moved downtown but still go to this dentist. I recommend to anyone in the UES!
— X. Yilun
I have been going to Dr. Reit for at least four years, maybe more! He is an amazing dentist and has SO much patience with me over the years with all my questions and concerns. He is to the point and tells like it is! Dr. Reit has always made me feel comfortable during my appointments when I was nervous about what he might find. I have gone in for several different issues, one being a broken tooth. He always works with you on getting the most coverage from your insurance and always returns my phone calls. I would recommend him to anyone! They are very accommodating when it comes to scheduling. Dr. Reit has stayed late for me when I needed to be seen ASAP. I can’t say enough good things about him and his practice. Thank you for everything!
— P. Dunn
It is what I would call a solid 4.5 star experience. In other words, I give it a 9 out of 10.
— Quentin
I am sitting in a restaurant and biting into an olive. Crunch....(that doesn’t sound good!) and my worst nightmare is realized. The crown on my front tooth has snapped off and I am suddenly part of the Clampat family. Horrified and shocked, I call my dentist, on the off-chance that his answering service will pick up. To my delight and surprise, Dr. Reit picks up the phone. He has been working late on a number of year end, last minute patients and he talks me off the ledge. He shuffles around his schedule and tells me to come in first thing the next day. I arrive promptly at 8am and he is waiting for me. With all the grace and precision of a highly qualified technician, he takes an impression, fits me with a temporary crown that looks far superior to the permanent one I had lost and send me on my way. 3 weeks later I return and have my temporary replaced with a new permanent and it looks so good I consider (for a moment) having him redo my whole mouth! Dr. Reit is a true professional. He is savvy, courteous, affable, financially fair and expertly proficient in the art and science of dentistry. I would reccomend him to anyone and am happy to say I have been back to him over 3 times this year and he is always top notch. Add to this, the fact that he has completely renovated his work space with state of the art equipment and always calls your after you have seen him to make sure everything is ok! By the sound of this, I could be a family member but trust me I am not. I am just one very satisfied customer.
— S. Mahon
So grateful that Dr. Reit was able to see me at 5pm on New Years Eve, as I was in such pain- he actually kept the office open to see me, he found what the problem was and fixed it, and finally I was pain free, I had been up all night the previous night because the pain kept waking me and what a relief! I have been to this practice several times for cleanings and other procedures and I have had a great experience each time. Not that I love going to the dentist but they have taken really good care of me every time. So grateful not to start the new year in total pain; if you live in Manhattan, this dental practice should be your dental practice! They really know what they are doing, they are so nice, so knowledgeable, and even followed up the next day (on a holiday) to check in and see if I was ok. 5 stars!!
— M. Munn